The Climb Awards

Houston Chronicle

"[John] Hurt brings Langer to life with… unapologetic genuineness. A family film that deserves mass consumption."

Chicago Tribune

"A jewel well-worth seeking out for its humanity, humor, and most of all, the brilliant hurting of Hurt."

Village News / Southwest News

"'The Climb' is the type of sleeper film that deserves to be discovered. Tender, touching, tremendously exciting, and very funny. Hurt gives a grand performance and Smith does a remarkable job."

San Francisco Examiner

"Inspiring! A family film in the truest sense. Properly nostalgic, beautifully made! Has something for everyone"

Miami Herald

"An earnest coming of age tale. Strathairn excels, Hurt is terrific!"

Los Angeles Times

"A sincere effort anchored by fine performances, most notably by John Hurt, David Strathairn and young Gregory Smith."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Accomplished in telling its heartfelt story... [John] Hurt [gives an] amazing performance... Hurt infuses the part with wicked humor, a mix of wisdom and despair."

The Hollywood Reporter

"[David] Strathairn is... compelling, while [John] Hurt pulls out all the stops and delivers a highly entertaining turn. [Gregory Smith] is the rare screen adolescent who is both credible and interesting."


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