John Hurt John Hurt
Two-time Academy Award Nominee
Golden Globe Nominee

"Midnight Express"
"Elephant Man"
"V For Vendetta"

Gregory Smith Gregory Smith
Young Artist Award Winner

TV's "Everwood"
"The Patriot"

David Strathairn David Strathairn
Academy Award Nominee
Golden Globe Nominee

"Good Night, and
Good Luck"
"L.A. Confidential"
"The Firm"

Marla Sokoloff Marla Sokoloff

TV's "The Practice" &
"Desperate Housewives"

Sarah Buxton Sarah Buxton

"Little Children"
TV's "The Bold and
The Beautiful" & 
"Sunset Beach"

"A jewel well-worth seeking out for its humanity, humor, and most of all, the brilliant hurting of Hurt."
- Chicago Tribune



All-star cast Two Time Academy Award Nominee, John Hurt,
Academy Award Nominee, David Strathairn,
and Young Artist Award Winner, Gregory Smith, in a powerful story of courage

LOS ANGELES, CA - Spellbound Pictures Ltd USA LLC is proud to re release the award-winning family classic, The Climb, on DVD August 21, 2007. The winner of eight International Film Festival Awards, including the UNICEF Award in Berlin, The Climb has received stellar reviews including from Michael Wilmington, at the Chicago Tribune, who called The Climb “a jewel well-worth seeking out for its humanity, humor, and most of all, the brilliant hurting of Hurt.”

At the core of The Climb is a powerful, moving story which poses the question: “What defines courage and honor?” Too often, in the midst of the current social and political climate, the answer is muddled and responses are oversimplified or one-track. The film portrays courage in different forms and in different people, whether it is an old man dying of cancer, a wore-torn ex-WWII veteran, a single parent whose town considers him a coward, a doting sister who defends her brother or a young boy who dreams of nothing more than climbing a 203-foot tower. The Climb has universal themes and encourages discussions among family members and friends.

Directed by Cesar Award (La Balance) winner Bob Swaim, written by Christopher Award-winner Vince McKwin (Fly Away Home) and produced by award-winners Mark McClafferty, Pamela Edwards McClafferty, Robert Rea, and Tom Parkinson, The Climb tells the story of three men from three generations who free themselves individually and together from life's inequities and inevitabilities.

John Langer, (John Hurt -Two-time Academy Award nominee, Elephant Man, Midnight Express) a crusty old civic engineer, has an arsenal full of memories.  With irreverent wit, he rattles on, in his irascible humorous style, burning his spicy stories into the imagination of a young neighbor kid, Danny Himes (Gregory Smith, TV’s Everwood).  Danny is a gifted, spirited athlete with something to prove. Worldly, old man Langer has turned his back on proving anything at all.

It's post WWII. Danny's father, Earl, (David Strathairn, Academy Award nominee, Good Night, and Good Luck) did not serve in the military and is considered a coward.  Danny excels to overcome his father's reputation while Earl is actually more a man than the town knows.

“You don't smoke, you don't drink, and you don't screw.  What kind of man are you anyway?" old man Langer asks Danny. The more appropriate question is: "What kind of men are they?"

The nation’s top critics praised The Climb and its rich performances. The Houston Chronicle hailed, "[John] Hurt brings Langer to life with… unapologetic genuineness. A family film that deserves mass consumption."

The San Francisco Examiner echoed: "Inspiring! A family film in the truest sense. Properly nostalgic, beautifully made! Has something for everyone."

The Hollywood Reporter (Cannes Film Festival) highlighted the performances: "[David] Strathairn is...compelling, while [John] Hurt pulls out all the stops and delivers a highly entertaining turn. [Gregory Smith] is the rare screen adolescent who is both credible and interesting."

Marla Sokoloff (TV’s The Practice and Desperate Housewives) and Sarah Buxton (Little Children, TV’s Sunset Beach) round out the all-star cast and more than hold their own opposite their male counterparts.

The Village News/Southwest News sums it best: “The Climb is the type of sleeper film that deserves to be discovered. Tender, touching, tremendously exciting, and very funny. Hurt gives a grand performance and Smith does a remarkable job."

In 1999, The Climb had a limited theatrical release.  Afterwards, it was seen on HBO, STARS and BRAVO.  For those who discovered The Climb, they had a rewarding theatrical experience, but there were many film buffs who never had the privilege of watching this gem.   With this re-release, we are hoping that more fans will discover The Climb.  Like its story, The Climb has a lot of courage and will live on through the generations.

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